Guido Reni Paintings

Guido Reni was a prominent Italian painter of high-Baroque style. Reni's technique was used by the Bolognese school and was the standard for Italian printmakers of his time.
-Guido Reni - high-Baroque style 1575 - 1642

About Guido Reni: The Italian Artist, Guido Reni was born in Bologna into a family of musicians, he was the son of Daniele Reni and Ginevra de' Pozzi. As a child of nine, he was apprenticed under the Bolognese studio of Denis Calvaert. Soon after, he was joined in that studio by Albani and Domenichino. He may also have trained with a painter by the name of Ferrantini. Like many other Bolognese painters, Guido Reni painting was thematic and eclectic in style.

Guido Reni Paintings - Handmade Canvas Art Reproductions

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