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P.S. Krøyer is one of the best known and beloved, and undeniably the most colorful of the Skagen Painters, a community of Danish and Nordic artists who lived, gathered or worked in Skagen, Denmark, especially during the final decades of the 1800s. P.S. Krøyer was the unofficial ringleader of the group.
-Peder Severin Kroyer - Norwegian-Danish painter 1851 - 1909

About Peder Severin Kroyer: Peder Severin Kroyer, known as P.S. Kroyer, was born in Stavanger, Norway to Ellen Cecilie Gjesdal. Kroyer's best known and most well loved work is "Summer Evening on Skagen's Southern Beach with Anna Ancher and Marie Krøyer" , 1893. Many of Peder Severin Kroyer Paintings depict beach scenes featuring both the recreation life on the beach , as well as local fishermen.

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